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Melbourne Zoo is live streaming four exhibits, so you can enjoy #AnimalsAtHome.
We’ve set up a few live stream cameras from Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo, so you can enjoy the zoo from anywhere.

See Melbourne Zoo's three baby Snow Leopard cubs as they play under mum's watchful eye in their den. Enjoy the penguins as they go about their busy day; look up high and spot the giraffes as they spend most of the day eating; and check out the lazy lions of Werribee Open Range Zoo as they lord over their very own Pride Rock.

Can’t see them? That’s because our animals live in areas that are much bigger than what a camera can capture and they have the choice to wander wherever they please. Check back in later to spot them.
Night time viewing recommendation: Snow Leopard cubs.
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Monterey Bay Aquarium live streams.
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San Diego Zoo LiveCams

Cornell Lab Bird Cams

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Explore.org has 97 live cams, including an underwater RUBBING BEACH! Orcas just swim on by and rub their backs on the ocean bed! More info here from The Marine Detective.
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St. Louis Aquarium has Breakfast with a Sloth
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For a while, the San Diego Zoo ape cam was showing one ape sitting glumly and wrapped in a blanket. I was here in my quarantined apartment feeling all kinds of emotionally connected to that ape, which was leading to some further thoughts on the nature of zoos, and then the camera changed to instead show the antics of a couple of happy baby apes and now I really feel emotionally connected to poor, sad, blanket ape.
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