Socialism means free books
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Featuring books by writers like Angela Y. Davis, Naomi Klein and Mike Davis, on subjects like Puerto Rico after the hurricane, disability and capitalism, ecosocialism and disaster capitalism, these ten free ebooks from Haymarket Books could not be more relevant right now. All you need to do to get them is create an account; only a valid email address is necessary. If you want more, there's also a selection of books 50% off for Women's History Month.
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Cough cough History Is A Weapon cough also has free readings on everything from Earth First to the histories of rent strikes and fighting for effective government aid.

I was coughing to get your attention, not because the Rona.
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Verso, mainstream publisher of radical books and writers is having a Reading in a time of self-isolation sale

80% off all our ebooks, and 40% off all our print books.

A lot of long articles I’ve shared On Here have gone on to become books published by Verso.
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