We Need Puppies Right Now
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When so much of the world is focused on stories that can create anxiety, it might be helpful to take a breather and enjoy a few photos of adorable pups on National Puppy Day (previously). The date, March 23, was first set aside in 2006 by the author Colleen Paige, before other groups and organizations followed suit. The idea is to call attention to puppies in need of adoption and the abuses found in puppy mills, but also to celebrate these furry little companions. In the spirit of the day, I am once more obligated to share some images of pups from around the world.
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Just an FYI, explore.org has multiple puppy cams.
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Blessed holiday to all.
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I like the puppies.

The only thing that made me happy last week is when I took a walk on Friday (insuring proper social distancing, of course) and noticed all these really happy dogs out for walks. Dogs just had the best week last week -- their humans were around all the time and they got all kind of extra cuddles and pets.

Well, OK, those were dogs, but all dogs are puppies, really.
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Thank you
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I had to have my old dog buddy put down a couple of weeks ago, just in time to spend a lot of days at home without him. Gratuitous Link.
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I’m not and probably won’t be a dog owner (unless I get a farm or something) but was incredibly relieved when I saw the news that dogs can’t contract the virus. Good dogs!
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Not gratuitous at all. Awww, he looks nice. Sorry for your loss.
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13/10 would pet gently
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I saw two (what I think were) yellow lab puppies wrestling. It was immensely soothing.
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I keep hearing that shelters need volunteer fosters and I can't because my housemate has a cat but I keep fantasizing about (ridiculous and unrealistic) ways to be able to foster a dog right now: go live in a tent somewhere, break into an abandoned house and live with dog there...
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We just moved. This is our third night in the new place and we're still pulling shit out of boxes and banging shit around and we had to have a Comcast tech come over and our two year old puppy is not feeling it.

But we are a block away from a park where she's not strictly supposed to be off leash, but the neighbors actually do seem to be taking social distancing seriously so there's room for her to RUN! So when she gets a little too stressed (or when we get a little to stressed) we take her down to the park for a little ball time. This resulted in a great exchange last night.

Jolene encountered two other dogs whose owners had the same idea I did and they all started playing together in a weird triangle all yelling "WHAT'S YOUR'S CALLED? NO, IT'S OK. SHE KNOWS TO SHARE! WOW HE'S FAST!"
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I was touched to see this post on Facebook: remember to give the puppers some alone time each day so that they don't have separation anxiety when things go back to normal.
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For more puppies, dogs, cats, lambs, sheep and occasional horses, see Suzanna Crampton's twitter feed, along with the twitter feeds of her dog Inca the "World's Smallest Sheepdog" and her cat Ovenmitt.

She's a sheep farmer in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, and tweets videos about the happenings on the farm, especially the animals. Inca had puppies several weeks ago, and two of the three are still bouncing around the farm (the third has gone to his new home.) It's also lambing season at the moment, which means cute lambs running around.

One warning, though, it is a working farm, and the outcomes are not always the best, and she doesn't hesitate to show/talk about the bad parts as well as the good. So there is also discussion of some of the weaker lambs not making it, despite all her efforts.
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I spent all Sunday afternoon watching the "Too Cute" marathon on Animal Planet, and it was just the ticket!
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