Makossa Man
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Manu Dibango, the acclaimed Cameroonian saxophonist whose 1972 hit, “Soul Makossa,” would later be sampled by Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and dozens of other musicians, died Tuesday at the age of 86. [Rolling Stone]

A note on Dibango’s Facebook page confirmed his death, as well as the cause (Dibango was hospitalized with Covid-19 in France last week).

A virtuoso on the saxophone, vibraphone and piano, Dibango was a regular in Germany and last performed at the Africa Würzburg Festival in 2018. In 2009, he accused Michael Jackson of borrowing one of his hooks for two songs on the legendary Thriller album. Jackson settled out of court. []

[Manu Dibango Discography]
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Listened to Soul Makossa this morning in honor of his passing. Great record. Highly recommended.

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The entire 1972 Soul Makossa album is a stone groove. Try "O Boso" next if you don't know it. The sax is great, of course, but the guitar solo starting at 2:56 also does just fine.

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Sad. he was 86.

I saw him live 15 years ago at the Red Sea Jazz festival.

Probably this cover version took a big part in the populization of "soul makossa" and was charted along with the (french published) original at the HOT 100. this is considered as the first proper disco 12"
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Heard from a musician friend while I was working today, and immediately popped on Wakafrika. He was amazing.
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I've long had a soft spot for him. I listened to a lot of shortwave radio as a kid and I think I first heard his stuff on some of the Voice of America music programs. Maybe the "Sound of Soul" with Georges Collinet? But I have a stack of his CDs somewhere and I think it's time to get them out and feel young again.
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