Chill the day away or have an evening cool-down with Quest Lovers Rock
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Looking for even more laidback beats? Perfect! Join Quest Love for almost eight hours of slower R'n'B jams with #dnicehomeschool Presents Quest Lovers Rock and Quest Lovers Rock: Sloppy Seconds, live mixes from Manhattan.
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Hell yes!!!!
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masterclass in R&B history, sexy af, with wisdom and wit dropped in...and i'm only through hour one.

this really saved my day today. thank you.
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By the way, if you enjoy a bit of Questlove (and who doesn't?), you really should check out his fantastic podcast, Questlove Supreme. It's just him and a bunch of nice people interviewing a different guest every week. Mostly, but not always, people in the music business, whether actual performers, or behind-the-scenes folks with good stories to tell. It's funny, it's insightful, it's educational, and I can't recommend it enough if you're even slightly nerdy about music.
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Questlove is live now (YT), with "Questlove presents Stevland Saturday," where he's four hours into spinning Stevie Wonder (and adjacent?) records.
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