Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival streaming live
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The annual Ann Arbor Film Festival is livestreaming free this year. Because of coronavirus, the 58th annual Ann Arbor film festival is livestreaming for free this year. The festival is a six-day event and will be streaming from the 24th through the 29th. (I'm late because of my fear of posting on the blue, but cortex said to go for it.) From the website: The online event will be streamed through Vimeo as a one-time event and will be accessible worldwide. All listed times are in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -04:00). Moderated live Q&As with filmmakers will be streamed following the film screenings in order to continue discourse between filmmakers and our audience.
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Thanks for posting! Great first post! ❤️
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Very cool, thanks! (I'm hoping I manage to watch it. The two times I've attempted to watch the Met opera streams have...not gone well, thanks to apparently towering demand.)
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Knowing nothing about film festivals except the AFI here in L.A. every year, I had no idea this would be so wildly experimental in content. Looks amazing!
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Thank you so much for posting this. Mr. eirias makes an annual pilgrimage to the Wisconsin Film Festival in early April, spending basically every minute of his spare time there for a week. He’s been crushed that, like everything else good in life, it’s cancelled this year. Maybe tonight we will make some popcorn and watch one of these together. 🍿
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I'm so glad you posted! This looks like such a Serious ArtTM film festival--the kind I usually don't have access to and thus must take advantage of. Will be able to tune in to the last set of films in competition tonight and looking forward to having my mind blown; only recently started dipping my toes into the waters of contemporary experimental film and here I am being offered full immersion. Thank you!
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I was going to post this but ran out of gumption. My thoughts turned to 1980 when I first went to the festival. It began in 1963. I can only imagine the excitement and passion it inspired because I could still feel it in 1980. Independent and experimental film was an important voice in those times. I was giddy walking out of the Michigan theater after seeing how movies could discover life so different from what I had seen before. It Blew my mind.
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This looks like such a Serious ArtTM film festival--the kind I usually don't have access to and thus must take advantage of.

Just to clarify that a bit, since some people are put off by "SeriousArt", right now the festival is streaming music videos that are in the competition. Kim Gordon's Sketch Artist is currently playing and, like the other videos I've seen, it isn't like most popular music videos but it isn't hard to grasp abstraction or super serious or anything.

They've gone to a somewhat technically clumsy chat session now and later this afternoon there'll be a DJ set. So seems pretty accessible, lots of short films and things of that sort.
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Two other film festivals that are going online this year: the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, offering a number of beautiful films from past editions for free (or almost) online viewing, and the DC Environmental Film Festival 2020. Oh, and: SXSW have put 75 of the short films selected for this year's cancelled event online, too.
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