Stay home, be art
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Museums, art educators on Facebook using the #artedportraits hashtag, and random folks on Instagram are doing their best imitations of artwork with what's lying around at home.
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Cool. I've done over 150 in-person life modeling gigs in 35+ different venues. This week I modeled online, for the first time, for a state university. 4 hours via Zoom. The professor and artists were very pleased with the results. The university of booked me for six more online gigs until the end of the semester.

Yesterday I booked an online session with a local sketch group, and I have a couple other bookings in the works!
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One of my friends did Lady with an Ermine with her pet ferret, and it's completely fucking brilliant. I wish I could share it with you but the FB is friends only.
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I flat out like this.
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Thanks for sharing this-- scrolling through those provided some much-needed belly laughs. My favorite is the second slide in the Getty Museum post you linked to. I'm going to see if me and the kids can recreate the ruins of the Parthenon out of Lego and some unassembled Ikea furniture boxes.
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