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Apparently, there's a link between today's television programming and promiscuity in teenagers. I'd say its because overly-censored American tv is so boring that most teenagers would prefer to have sex rather than watch that crap.
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Yup it's simply that programming is so crappy that nothing is on. How often do you sit down and watch TV for an extended amount of time? How often when you do actually sit down and watch was it because it's 1.) a dvd/tape you bought/rented for the pure sake of watching it or 2.) it's a show your friend emailed you about?

It's also got to do with parents not watching what their kids are watching. They use the TV as a babysitter. So Kids just watch and watch and suddenly you have an 8 year old watching Britney Spears running around half dressed on TRL and 2 drunk college kids covered in Whip Cream at MTV springer break. I mean really. Look at TV when you were 10, and look at TV now.

Standards in society are falling faster than you can imagine. Senators point fingers at TV, Internet, etc. when in reality, they need to point the finger at themselves. It's all of america. I'd say it's the world, but disturbingly so, when in Europe, American culture seemed to be invading at a scarry rate. but that's another post.
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