Catholic priests are amatuers!
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Catholic priests are amatuers! Move over you bunch of undisciplined pedophiles and let the Jehovah Witnesses show you how it's done! [Insert your crass joke here] Yet another invaluable link that can never be found in the US. Thanks UK!
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Oops...amateurs...fat dsylexic fingers...definition provides double entendr err...meaning :)
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...never be found in the US.

This was reported here in the U.S. on Dateline (or was it 20/20?) a few months back.
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My apologies. I stand (or kneel if you prefer) corrected.
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Um, how is this legal? Is this not covering up a crime, obstructing justice or conspiracy or something?
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Pdf of the letter sent to the BBC regarding the show.

And regarding ecclesiastical privlege: some states require priests to report all reports of abuse, some do not. Either way, the victim has every right to report sexual abuse, as the above letter reiterates.
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"Leave it for Jehovah. He'll bring it out."

Aha! This is like the guy who, while trapped on his roof in a flood, turned away rescue boats and helicopters claiming "God will save me." Of course, that was a joke and this is real. Is there a religion out there that doesn't demand it's congregation/elders be complete fucking morons. jeez.
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Ahem (II)

The BBC are only three short months behind! I guess that's pretty good, considering...

Will: In the US, religious figures have greater legal protection than anyone else. They essentially can't be charged with conspiracy or obstruction ever, provided they were engaged in religious counseling. Even doctors and lawyers are required to break privilege if they have specific knowlege of crimes committed or immintent danger to anyone. But not religious authorities.

Hooray for the USA under God.
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