Take it slowly. This book is dangerous!
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Dr. Seuss Raps over Dr. Dre Beats. Youtuber and film director Wes Tank raps Fox in Socks. And if you want more: Green Eggs and Ham.
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That was pleasing
posted by latkes at 7:15 AM on April 1, 2020

I did this with 10 Apples Up On Top! for my kids. Worked pretty well, not that I'm much of a rapper.
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This made me so happy. Thank you.
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migos did this a few years back with llama llama red pajama to bad and boujee and its excellent.
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What a shame, sir.
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This is awesome. Thanks for pointing it out!
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Oh my gosh, thank you zsh2v1. I saw this video on Facebook yesterday, and I knew I'd seen something similar a few years back and I couldn't find it!
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How many takes to get all the tongue-twisters right I wonder?
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I’m always surprised at he popularity of Dr Seuss on the blue given that he was such an enthusiastic racist who campaigned for innocent families to be imprisoned during WW2 based on race. Even after the war, when he back-pedaled and “forgave the Japanese nation”, he was refusing to categorize the people he had victimized as Americans.
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This does things to me very like what chaphop does to me.

That is, I find it delightful, and then I wonder if it's vaguely racist, and then I find other people wondering if it's vaguely racist and wonder if they're right, and then I wonder if I'm vaguely racist.

That is, I like it and it makes me beanplate.
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Ok, I started clapping. Shit's hot.
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gurple: Yeah, this strikes me MORE in that way than chaphop, somehow... Probably just because Professor Elemental was, for that moment when he was producing the stuff, actually kinda brilliant. ("When I say oooh, you say long" has been a reliable joke in this house for years.)
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I was a Mr. B partisan at the time, but I've found Professor Elemental to be a little more enduring.
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jay lava did tons of these a couple years ago check it out much better imo

i was surprised that this dude actually raps because his weird half-sarcastic "zany rapper" voice on these tracks is so "ha ha! 'rap music'!" , a thing i personally hate
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Wocket In My Pocket: Migos vs. Suess
(by @sirnevaluze)
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Thanks for the link, nixon's meatloaf - I really liked the jay lava renditions! I felt uncomfortable when the Wes Tank videos veered into "I'm doing a Fake 'Rapper' Accent" -- it would have been great without that!
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Tom Smith's 500 Hats involves several Dr. Seuss books to the tune of 500 Miles. No complete books, though.
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This made my 3 year old's day. Thanks!
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I think the gold standard is still the (admittedly non-canon) version by Moxy Fruvous
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rogerroger that's what blew my mind, based on his videos he's been rapping for a while, seems like he's trying to do some Snoop Dogg type delivery but instead of just committing to the bit he instead chooses to smile impishly at the camera. tragic
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