Yo dawg I heard you like rock...
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This is real rock. Played on a turntable. Loud.
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That is the work of Satan. The poor record needle!
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I'd love to see the ribbon of carved out vinyl that would result if he put the same needle on an LP.
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"Oddly satisfying" eh?

Visually, sure. Aurally, nooooooo.
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Some people voluntarily listen to all four sides of Machine Metal Music repeatedly.

Give it a few decades, it will catch on.
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Somebody needs to properly set their anti-skate adjustment.
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Sounds almost as good as that time Aphex Twin played sandpaper.
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Geology and gemology folks: once upon a time, some record needles had sapphire tips (for hardness). If you had to guess at a pleasing sound resulting from the materials, you would choose sapphire - on - what?
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I was gawping at this in disbelief for a bit, one eyebrow cocked, but the newsflare chime at the end had me in stitches.
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Maria Chavez works in much the same vein.

Mechanical techno.

Records made out of wood...and wood glue.

Pizza on a turntable. Meat pie. Tortilla.

(Aphex Twin used to be infamous for playing sandpaper records in DJ sets. Might've been a one-time incident that became part of his mythos.)
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It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it.
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Sounds more like post-rock to me.
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seconding the poor needle thread above and starting a vigil
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A housemate of mine had a rock-tumbler for polishing pebbles-- she was always worried that the noise would bother me, but I loved the low rumbly noise it made and eventually I actually moved it into my room, by my bed, so it could lull me to sleep. The low regular purr of the motor, plus the random burble of the rocks/polish mixture, was perfect, like having a happy cat looking out at a beach with slow waves on shingle.
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"Oddly satisfying" - fuck no.
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