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You know already that The Met is making a different opera available every night. But did you know that The Bayerische Staatsoper also has performances available? Or that the Dutch National Opera is also putting operas online daily? The Monnaie in Belgium has until April 19, placed several great performances online like its production of Frankenstein? Arte has added The Hamburg State Opera's Falstaff and others to its content. There are also many operas available for free at Opera.eu
Can’t keep up? The Guardian has a regularly updated page on classical music and opera. But music isn’t just something that used to happen. Watch these performances too from self-isolating orchestras such as this cello octet performing an Arvo Part arrangement.
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(Do emojis register? It’s a ‘thumbs up’ emoji. I actually did know this But it’s great to share - there are some great performances and staging of otherwise stone-familiar operas...)
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Virtual Choir "Va pensiero" ("Nabucco" by G. Verdi)
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Some less well-known programming here, which is great to see. "Eugene Onegin" is featured on the Dutch National Opera's YouTube channel tomorrow (Sunday) at 7 p.m. Netherlands time.
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In my dotage I have grown an opera tolerance gland that occasionally enables joyful appreciation. My beloved spouse apparently lacks the genetics required. Which does open up grand, even operatic, vistas of loving spousal struggle.
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Highly recommend singers who can act like Bryn Terfel, Anna Netrebko, and Markus Werba. As a newbie, I read reviews and keep track of consistently good reviews that mention “this guy can sing AND act”! I’ve heard some older singer/legends weren’t very good at combining the two, like they couldn’t be funny when needed, etc.

Seconding Eugene Onegin as a simple, tragic story to start with.
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Great links, thanks!
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Also the Berlin Philharmonie has made their Digital Concert Hall archive open to the public until late April, which includes some concert formatted opera performances like Tosca but also some interesting attempts to do minimalist staging, like their take on Ligeti's "Let Grand Macabre"
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Have you noticed that the way they sing/speak in operas is pretty much exactly the way we speak to our cats and dogs?

And now I need to see/hear an opera which goes:

"Oh cat-y! Oh my catty love!
You are the sweetest thing alive!
My fuzzy, my wuzzy, my fuzzy-wuzzy love!
You are the dearest, dearest, DEAREST thing to me!
for .... yoooouuuuuu."

Oh, man, I'm gonna work this out and make bank :P

This is what the Cats movie could have been :)
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Thanks for this post!
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I read the first sentence as "The Métis making a different opera available every night." and thought That's pretty cool.
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