"When a woman loves a man"
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As soon as I saw that medley, I had a strong suspicion on who was behind the scenes. Sure enough, her bio says that she was recording for Willie Mitchell on this album.

My suspicion stems from O.V.Wright's rendition of the exact same medley (Mitchell proudced Wright). All respect to Ms. White, I'm a complete Wright acolyte. I can't recall who, but I remember a quote from a contemporary of his saying that, "once he sings a song, it's his." I'm inclined to agree.

That said, I clicked around on Lynn White's work. I was better able to appreciate her sound after she stopped recording for Mitchell -- some of her more bluesy, 'down home' tracks.

Mitchell's body of work is worth knowing. His career as an impresario is best known for Hi Records, which produced chart toppers from Al Green and Ann Peebles, as well as Wright, during the 1970s. Every time I see a Hi Records 45 in a record shop, I can anticipate the drums-forward sound with that rock-steady beat even before I put it on the listening station. Add those horns and organ... it's a completely distinctive sound. Like one of the links above said, "raw and sensuous". I guess what I'm saying is if you see a Hi Records disc around Chicago then I haven't been to that record shop recently. Like catnip for me!!

Mitchell held it down as musician in his own right, though!!

Too good to just have one!
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Thank you, Theophrastus Johnson for that explanation:

I never heard about that lady before. Indeed, YouTube served her to me last night because I was listening to a bunch of Al Green. Her singing floored me, and google was not helpful in finding info about her. Since then, I couldn’t stop playing her (first) track over and over. I wonder where she is now.

Going to explore the rest of your links!
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