Alcatraz to the 9th Power Revisited aka Visions of Johanna Live '65
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Introduced as both Freezeout and Alcatraz to the 9th Power Revisited, Bob Dylan -- Visions of Johanna, in San Francisco on December 11th, 1965. Well before it was recorded for the album Blonde on Blonde.
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Thank you.
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Probably my favorite Dylan song
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This song on Blonde on Blonde gives me the feeling of nostalgia from memories I don't own.
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"The ghost of electricity howls in the bones of her face" will always be one of my favorite Dylan lines.
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Almost my title.
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My wife Louise doesn’t like this song.

I think it’s one of the greatest pieces of surrealistic poetry ever written.
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First I've heard that "Swingin' Pig", the publisher or many a bootleg in the 70s and 80s, has a mostly-Dylan youtube account.
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Bob Dylan - Visions of Johanna (Rare Studio Outtakes 1965-1966) Also from Blind Pig, excerpts from various studio versions fast and slow. All versions, save the last, Bob Dylan and the Band -- then known as the Hawks.

Bob Dylan -- Visions of Johanna (1965)
The entire fast version with the Hawks in an official Columbia/Legacy Recordings video.
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Rare Studio Outakes 1965-66 that y2karl links to has huge historical importance - the producer cuts in at 0:59 and asks for “more cowbell”.
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But wait, there's more -- from sometime in the 1990s, a playful and rather virtuosic Bob Dylan -- Visions of Johanna.
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