50 shades of gray leaves
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Overview of wild and garden plants with gray leaves This article is a very pleasant mix of aesthetics (coming to like gray-leaved plants, what other plants they look good with) and science (gray leaves are mostly found in hot, arid regions, they are usually green leaves covered with little whitish hairs that protect the leaves from heat).
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I prefer purple on my atypical plants. Neat post to add to that knowledge base. Thanks.
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Well holy smokes. This is an excellent post. Going down Rabbit Hole of research now. (Nature is cool)
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No Grey Gardens reference?
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Leucophyllum minus, Big Bend Barometer bush
This one is my favorite. No care, no watering, occasionally blooms before rain, it's not as a great a predictor as advertised. And the pink/purple flowers are so cool. And it's good to zone 6, and points even farther north in my opinion, as days of 0F, howling wind, ice, and snow have done nothing to mine.
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This is a wonderful resource.
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Lavender, sage, rosemary and thyme.
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o/` All the leaves are grey, and the sky is brown o/`
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