Family lockdown boogie
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Family lockdown boogie (YouTube). Fun music video from a Wellington family of four.
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This made me tear up a little.
Partially because I am stuck in a big city with no family (I'm fine, but still and all...), but partially because I am remembering my Grandma talking about being stuck in the house during the 1918 flu with her mother, a kind of older Prussian Grande Dame taken down a few pegs in life and her father, an Irish farmer who was very old. An only child, 12 or 13 years old, trying to teach a 42 year old stuffy Prussian woman and a 65 year old Irish farmer how to do ragtime dances was something that sent her into hysterics for the rest of her almost 100 year old life.
Hopefully more families are making those kind of ridiculous memories for themselves!
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Cute, light post. A+ for these times.
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I liked how Dad managed to keep up that Dadface for the entire video. You would think someone had asked him for a loan. A+ professional.
Cute, cute video.
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delightful and eponysterical!

here's a behind the scenes interview with the family
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