"I could turn you into a snowflake."
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Marion Nichols makes intricate paper snowflakes. A Flickr album includes examples and templates (with a Creative Commons license). Check out the elaborate octopus snowflake, the friendly otters, or the tail-bumping ankylosauruses. A Saint Louis radio profile describes Nichols' work at the City Museum and includes pictures of more snowflakes, cut from her templates by third-graders.

If you want more snowflakes, look for Nichols' books, including 100 Amazing Paper Animal Snowflakes, or check out a collection of other artists' geeky snowflakes and patterns, found previously on Metafilter.
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I've met her and made snowflakes with her at the City Museum. The last time was in 2012. This huge and beautiful heron snowflake and hand-and-scissor snowflake were on display. I made a cat snowflake.
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My coworkers were doing these before the closures. I love the Yoda one.
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I have made this a favorite but haven't had time to look at the links yet. Thanks for posting, yarntheory! The few comments posted do not reflect the awesomeness of this post. Please do not take it personally and please keep posting because this is fabulous stuff!
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