Girls Just Wanna Have ...Their Own Museum
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Girl Museum is a virtual museum with exhibits and projects about global girlhood, now and in history. Learn about Girl Saints, Illustrated Girls, the history of Girl Groups ; contribute to user projects like Why I Game and Alternative Girls (about the music scene); or download coloring books and pamphlets about girls' rights and safety. Originally envisioned by "Head Girl" Ashley Remer, it is now a the project of a volunteer staff and advisory board whose believe that "it is our responsibility to represent girls and girlhood, to celebrate and make their lives important."
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K, i want to like this, but it seems very, very white.
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I thought so too. That can be a pitfall of all-volunteer efforts and also the network effects of its founder. I see their stated intent but would still appreciate a bit more self-reflection and inclusive effort. I hope it gets there in some way.
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The main link I clicked on was Illustrated Girls, and they seem to have made an effort there to choose diverse depictions.

What makes something a virtual museum rather than a website? I looked around a bit looking but couldn't find an easy explanation if there is one on the site. Do they own/borrow the original objects shown in the exhibitions but only display them online? Or is everything purely virtual? Is it just about the academic /curatorial approach?
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What makes something a virtual museum rather than a website?...Is it just about the academic /curatorial approach?

Yes to that. I think it's just a question of intent. Also, they're using the language and structure of museums - exhibitions, learning through objects.
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Someone save me the depressing task of figuring out if this is trans exclusionary or not please.
googling, i'll say not, but it doesn't seem like they, like, care a ton, either. trans girls rarely come up and the language is positive but odd.
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I am maybe not the best person to attempt this, because I'm not that knowledgable on trans issues and the ways that people talk about them, but I've tried to figure that out for you, odinsdream.

It's not immediately obvious, but the fact that they make no clear statement about it doesn't inspire a lot of hope. I feel like usually spaces that aren't deliberately exclusive make some kind of statement about it these days.

The closest thing I've found is this, and the wording seems ambiguous, but maybe to someone more steeped in the usual phrasing or dog whistles, this is clearly a statement in one direction or the other:
We exhibit, educate, and raise awareness about the unique
experience of being born and growing up female around
the world in the past and present.

There's this statement on one of their program pages that seems to at least recognize that gender identity is a real thing:
Though Girl Museum focuses on ‘girls’ (females under the age of 21), we invite people of all gender and sexual identities to contribute art and find healing through our community.

Searching their blog, there are a few articles about transgender-related topics written by various interns, and they seem to be written from a non-TERFy perspective.
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