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Project 88 - Back to the Future Too is a shot for shot fan-made remake of Back to the Future Part II divided into 88 scenes, each made by a different person or group. The final result is a mix of live action, stop motion, puppets, animation, and other forms of film making.

"With so many creative people stuck at home, we wanted to give people a creative outlet. Something that anyone could do. We had people from around the world recreate scenes from Back to the Future 2 using only what they had access to during the quarantine. The results are a marvel of creativity. The best part however, is hearing from the people who worked on the project, how much fun they had and how it brought some joy in a dark time."
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This is in the same spirit of Star Wars Uncut & Empire Strikes Back Uncut. [Previously.] Which should also be considered essential viewing right now.

I know what I'm watching later this afternoon. Thanks for sharing this.
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Yeah I'm watching this.

A random click-in: whoever did "Those things don't work on water / unless you got power" really nailed it.
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It really is wonderful watching the variety on display here. So many talented and creative people all coming together to celebrate this weird and fun film. I've been smiling the entire time. :-D
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Thanks for this. As it happens, I just watched BTTF 1 and 2 this past week with my son, who loved them both. And man, part 2 is just completely nuts: dark, loud, least the middle act. A lot more effects, but much of it hasn't really aged well. The climax/ending is a whimper rather than a bang. But the 1950s part is pretty nice.
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This watches like a fever dream. I’m here for it.
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