Carrie Meets Kimberly Meredith: Single-Blind Edition
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Carrie Poppy of Oh No Ross and Carrie fame interviews a medical intuitive. It gets interesting. "Carrie follows up with Conscious Life Expo presenter Kimberly Meredith, a self-taught medical intuitive and trance channeler. After an accident and near-death experiences, Meredith claims that with channeled energy and eye blinks she can diagnose conditions with the accuracy of an X-ray and even cure cancer and Coronavirus. Carrie asks Meredith directly about her claims of scientific confirmation, double-blinded testing, and nursing credentials."

I feel like this is a must-hear. Carrie's calmn tone and patience with this lady even as she backtracks and claims she does/doesn't/does/doesn't have a nursing license, etc. is amazing.

Ross and Carrie previously mentioned here.
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"My healing is pretty great, particularly with the tumors and the glands."

While this is funny and the interviewer is good, I fear spreading this nonsense does more harm than good right now.
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I would probably READ this, but an hour is an investment. Is there a transcript?
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I saw sixteen tumors in her body, and then they found them, and a few weeks she was walking better, and this was all double blind, not just me, many people, and I was one of the most exceptional people on the double blind, and it was my own records, so I don't know, but don't do something weird to my shower.
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> While this is funny and the interviewer is good, I fear spreading this nonsense does more harm than good right now.

The whole premise of the podcast is to investigate cults, frauds and cranks. IMO they deliberately avoid sounding like their goal is to debunk everything they encounter, to make it a more palatable form of persuasion, for example, to play for your brother in law who's getting hyped up about a new MLM opportunity. Being a hardass against a belief usually results in believers doubling-down on it.
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I shouldn't have clicked that link. Not because I already listened to this podcast and cringed my way through it, but the Carrie Poppy I had created in my mind looks completely different from the actual Carrie. She looks great, just... wrong.
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Maybe you're right ardgedee, and anyway the whole thing is mindblowingly cringeyley hilarious, so I appreciate the post.
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I've long enjoyed this podcast, and I feel like they work they (and others) do along these lines is particularly valuable right now as we're in a time where pseudoscience and quackery is even more deadly than usual.

As someone who has very visceral reactions to quackery and frauds, I like listening to Ross and Carrie because they take a pretty measured tone when addressing and dismantling this stuff and its adherents/peddlers and I feel like I can learn from it.

Their eight (!!!) part saga about enrolling in Scientology and seeing how far they'd get (they used their real names, and never lied about who they were if asked) was quite good, even though Scientology is pretty low-hanging fruit.
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PatchesPal the woman in the thumbnail is Kimberly Meredith.
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Yeah, Carrie Poppy looks just like you probably imagined.
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ONRAC is one of my favorite podcasts and the interview episodes are the ones I DON'T listen to because Carrie goes hard even if it's uncomfortable -- which is great! -- but makes my second-hand akwardness too intense. If this is too cringe for you please try their other episodes, I want everyone to listen to this show!
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ONRAC is one of my favorite podcasts and the interview episodes are the ones I DON'T listen to because Carrie goes hard even if it's uncomfortable -- which is great! -- but makes my second-hand akwardness too intense.

That's a really good point. The ones where they do an investigation/visit, and then compare notes after don't have that potentially cringe-inducing element to them. I put off listening to this episode for quite a while, then finally did give it a listen when I was busy doing a bunch of manual tasks, otherwise I would have attempted to crawl out of my own skin.

Their Rythmia/ayahuasca one was really, really good.

The Homeopathic Lawsuit episode is another recent-ish one I'd recommend.
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medical intuitive

Can we not promote these kinds of bullshit terms here? This person is a scammer who preys on the sick. Just because they call themselves "medical intuitives" doesn't mean you have to use this language without questioning it.
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It's pretty clear that this post calls them out as scammers.
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It's important to use the scammers' terms and engage with them, because if you don't, then no one will know what they mean.

People hear "multi level marketing" and know it means "pyramid scheme," but it sounds legit to a lot of folks. Imagine how many more would get suckered if we decided collectively to not use the term in our debunkings? Imagine if my Google results for "multi level marketing" came up with only Amway?
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Yeah, I usually skip the episodes where they interview the subjects of their investigations--too cringey, I can handle it. It's important work but I can't hang.

Highly recommend the podcast though. I've been a listener for years.
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Aw, from the first sentence I thought it was going to be about genuine medical intuitives, which is a real thing. My grandmother was mildly famous among her fellow physicians for her skill at diagnosis, which was extremely valuable in the days before computers much less search engines. They had all read the same literature, but the ability to digest and retain all that information, pick up on sometimes subtle symptoms, and identify the occasional zebra among all the horses (and identify *which* horse in the latter) was by no means equal.
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I love ONRAC and their whole approach. As a life-long Mormon (sorry, we’re not supposed to use that word anymore, but I still do), I loved their investigative series where they joined the church, and hearing how they approached from the outside something that I see from the inside has made me appreciate even more how they approach beliefs, groups, etc. that I don’t know anything about.
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I liked the moment when Carrie detected that things had gone fully hostile and switched to Mode: Attack to rapid-fire questions and let the accusatory tone shine through. Carrie is so good at listening that it's easy to feel like she's just passively accepting the bullshit, but she's always furiously taking notes in her head.
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I saved this episode to listen to on a dog walk and oh man, it was almost too much for me. I have listened to just over half of it and will listen to the other half the next time I take the dog out. I had juuuuuust reached the point after Kimberley gives her explanation of what a "double blinded" study is and then gets all mad because Carrie asks her for documentation. Kimberley's rambling excuses when Carrie asks her direct questions really reminded me of some of the reactions I've had when I've confronted a student for cheating or plagiarism and I have evidence. It is fascinating to listen to. The person KNOWS they are bullshitting you but they get mad because you 1) have the temerity to call them out on it and then 2) have the gall to present them with solid proof of their bullshittery. How dare you!
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Her phrasing sounds Trumpish.
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I would probably READ this, but an hour is an investment. Is there a transcript?

The episodes do get transcripts, but it looks like they run about a month behind so there isn't one up for this one yet.

I love ONRAC, and am delighted to see this here, but nthing how rough this is to listen to if you have a rough time with confrontation.
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(I don't have a rough time with confrontation; I just think it was maybe 20 minutes of content by reading vs. 62 by listening.)
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I never knew they had transcripts and I would have been into it had I known!

I always found it very hard to follow when they go "on a scale of 1 to 10, how creepy is this?" and then they make a lot of goat sperm jokes and then I forget what the hell their ranking was.
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