"This is where Mabel is strong..."
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Sports commentator Andrew Cotter calls a couple of plays: The Dog's Breakfast Grand Final and Game of Bones.
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This is the only sports now. Go Olive!
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This really is the best thing.
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Reminds me of this cat track-and-field event, only sweeter.
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These are absolutely wonderful! Plus, I love the fact that there are dogs named Olive and Mabel.
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These have been making me so happy. Also, the long-suffering look Olive gives to camera in this (uncommentated) vídeo tells you all you need to know about the relationship between the two dogs.
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No! Not bad dog! Just dog, and dog again!
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It’s a doggy dog world, after all.
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Meanwhile the cats here are sheltering-in-place like they've been training their whole lives for it.
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"Olive... very much of the old Labrador school. Eating is serious business."

I had to watch that again, sooooo good.
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"Join us tomorrow for live coverage of a snooze on the sofa... possibly".

Last week my favourite Youtube Channel "Wintergatan" did a version of this to describe the marble path around the music machine Martin's been building for the past two years. I was shocked at how easily the commentary flowed from someone obviously more into music and machinery than sports. Can everyone in Europe do this?
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I love these, I hope he keeps doing more. They remind me of the stare out competition sketches from Big Train.
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Awesome. Now do Andres Cantor.
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Olive and Mabel have a spotlight piece in The Guardian!
Shared on Thursday night, the short clip was viewed more than 3m times in less than five hours – testament perhaps to a widespread craving for joy around the world.
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These are so good.
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The AV Club has a great headline (God Bless Bored Sports Commentators And Their Very Good Dogs) which also includes a link to a fantastic call of dogs running in the park by a different commentator.
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Update: from a walk in the woods emerges a new Mabel vs. Olive commentary...

The Walk of Shame (Twitter)

The Walk of Shame (YouTube)
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