"A truly remarkable, if slightly clunky, tool"
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The USDA's CropScape shows exactly which crops are being grown anywhere in the US. Because in these very weird and awful times, when nobody can leave their own property, it can be nice to look at some maps.
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this is neat, but man this had to have been made in 2008 in a tool that was not designed for this many data points.
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Come and try 'ta map my crops
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An ~80 acre orchard in my neck of the woods seems to be missing. Bechdolt's, 2209 Leithsville Rd, Hellertown, PA 18055
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It's not going to be perfect, but it's an impressive project considering its scope. The restored native meadows near my house confuse the classification process, as I expected. Most of the meadows are classified as grass/pasture or alfalfa/other hay, which is pretty reasonably, I suppose, but there are a fair number of pixels identified as oats, corn, or other grain crops.
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349 million acres of cropland in the US.
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