Low Budget Broadway
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Actress Mary Neely decided to lip sync her favourite moments from Broadway musicals. The results are glorious.

Whether it's RENT, GREASE, or HAMILTON, there's some amazing work here. She's been posting one almost every day since March 31.
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These are great. She must be quarantining with at least one other person, I would guess? Because somebody has to be holding the camera for some of those shots?
posted by jacquilynne at 9:58 AM on April 19, 2020

She's holding the camera with one arm in all the shots, which makes it all the more amusing and impressive to watch in how she put it all together.
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She's got the twitchy emotive-lips thing down cold.
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(Which I knew from the intro, as it's perhaps my fave R&H musical, & the first show I ever worked on 107 yrs ago.)
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These are fantastic. And holy cow her Grease is a masterpiece.
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Her lighting choices for Sweeney Todd are perfect.
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