Looking for a Craft Project in the Period of Plague
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It may be too soon, but here is the cutest Plague Doctor Mask you will ever likely need.
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I am not going to charge anything for this pattern, nor am I going to place restrictions on what you do with the items you make. I do not control your right to profit from your work. All art is derivative, and you making your own version transforms this pattern. Don’t let assertions of intellectual property rights be another way you are alienated from your labour.
On the flip side, please don’t try to sell this bit of writing or the pattern net or these photographs. They are free for you and for everyone else. Resist society’s message that you should try to profit from your every action, and especially resist the notion that true success is achieved by profiting from anyone else’s labour.
If you want to discuss this stuff further, I would love that! I am researching the commodification of creative knowledge for my PhD, focusing on quilt patterns and designs.

This is wonderful!
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The trick, for me, would be getting this thing to work with glasses. Also, the fact that my sewing skills are very basic (i can fix some seams and resew buttins, and that's about it. Honestly, I am kind of in awe of this....
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That's absolutely wonderful.

It also got me thinking about other historical clothing that might be useful in a pandemic. Things like giant hoop skirts for enforcing distance, or this.
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I've already started on a plague doctor sock monkey, so I've added this to my to-do list. I think my sewing skills are up to it, and I even have all the materials, but like GenjiandProust I'm not sure if it would work over my glasses.
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oh man, I saw & reblogged this on tumblr a few (? several? time has lost all meaning) days ago. I've been working on an English paper piecing hexagon quilt, and I sort of wonder if this could be made with EPP.
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``basting is for cowards''

I wonder how well interfacing cuts on a laser cutter. Also, I think the glasses fogging would be best solved by an internal flange dividing the breathing and the seeing, but that would complicate the turning the beak inside out through an eyehole.
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You could also use one-way mesh for the eyeholes? but that might compromise its function, such as it is.
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I see your quilted plague doctor mask and raise you a beaded plague doctor mask.
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I love this! Thank you for posting it. I've now sent it to a friend who possesses advanced sewing skills and she is intrigued.
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And jeather, that beaded mask is gorgeous.
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The beaded mask is really neat!

It would take design changes to not have fogging lenses, but it does look good with those in place.
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The quilted mask is incredible; I have the tools but neither the materials nor the skills to create something like this, and then there's the glasses problem. But I do enjoy seeing all the fabulous creative masks people have been making. That beaded one is something special, too!

Thanks for sharing!
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The obvious solution for you glasses wearers is to get an extra set of prescription lenses to sew into the eyeholes. ;)
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Some friends and I were discussing making plague masks to wear during the current pandemic but it feels like it would be signalling to the world that we're a bunch of jerks (wouldn't be incorrect but still...). Bright colours and patterns might help on that front.
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Halloween this year is gonna be... boring.
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