wireframe before computers
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Need a project for yourself or kids? Make a wireframe (remote control!) car out of scrap wire like this child in Malawi (people of a certain age may remember seeing this 1962 historical film clip on Sesame Street). Solomon from Uganda shows the build in detail.
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Could a mod add this link to "Sesame Street"
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Ooh, it has working steering! Fun, thanks for sharing!

(I made the kids assemble the trampoline themselves the other days, as the snow is gone and the ground in the back yard is fairly dry. Screen-loving 12 yo surprised me a bit as he stuck with it for hours and even managed to get all the heavy metal posts for the safety net mounted. So that was the manual project for this week.)
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The most common selfmade toy from my childhood was bark boats. Get a bit of pine bark or similar, whittle it into a hull shape, make a hole in the middle for a twig mast, and use big leaves or a piece of paper for sail. Here's a video of the process (in Swedish).
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