Rhapsody for your Blues
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Clarinetist Eric Abramovitz hosts a surprising Zoom meeting. Featuring Eric on clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, flute and piano. Watch for the sax in bed, stick around for the klezmer.
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Great video, and very impressive! Unfortunately it has rekindled my desire to add a clarinet to my collection of wind instruments I can't practice in my apartment without disturbing the neighbors, so there's that.
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Earlier today my son was standing right here, watching a YT video of Abramovitz playing Debussy's Premiere Rhapsodie for clarinet. Absolutely perfect (or so my son tells me), so he's using that as his subject for a music class project.

I close the tab, MeFi comes up, and this post is at the top of the stack. Eerie!

Even weirder, and at the risk of a derail, is what the top comment on YT notes -- Abramovitz nearly had his career derailed by a bizarre and cruel act by his (now) ex-girlfriend. The NY Times story (possibly paywalled) adds a bit more for a happier ending.
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Damn, that was fun. Loved the klezmer. Sooo much talent!
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Videos like this (and this one was very good) make me think the real "new skill" people are learning while at home is video editing.
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On a similar note, this video of the old showtune "Good Morning!" (from Singing in the Rain) by the Four Tads made me smile a lot, as much for his irresistably cheesy showmanship as his chops. (he is, nonetheless, the principal clarinettist for the Salt Lake City Orchestra.)
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