Jugaad Man aka Fb Mallick
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I've recently been seeing this video of a dancing costumed man set to an electronic soundtrack reposted again and again on Facebook. Curious, I dug deeper...

... and I found that it's originally from Vigo Video, a short-format video sharing site, similar to TikTok. He's got many more videos up, but I could only find one english language writeup. Meet The Sasta-Effective Jugaad Man Of India, His Videos On Vigo Will Make You ROFL. (Sasta is a hindi word for cheap, and Jugaad has a bit of a deeper meaning.)
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This is fantastic, thanks for sharing.
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This is delightful. I'm sure I'm missing a lot of cultural and musical context that would make it even better, but I'm 80% certain I'm laughing with the artist. For some reason, the wooden suitcase harmonium (or related instrument) particularly makes me smile. Thanks!
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What a fantastic discovery!

There’s literally nothing more about this person out there on the internet. It reminds me of Kathakali, a traditional costume/dance performance in southwest India. It makes me wonder if this person is from Kerala, although it doesn’t sound like Malayalam when they’re speaking.

It’s surprising and beautiful and inspired and all the things I crave about really amazing art. I would love to know more about this person.
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thank you
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This is great and I agree, I want to know more.
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Looks like he might be @armanmallick2984. See this for example.
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Thanks sonofsnark, it's amazing to see what looks like an official account.
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