Yosemite webcams, among others
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Yosemite webcams, among others...

What it says on the tin.

Scroll down below the Novel Coronavirus warning and behold.

Just heard about this on the BBC. What the narrator noted was that with the absence of humans, the opportunity to remotely observe wildlife via the Park's webcams has increased exponentially.

I would assume this is true for all National parks as well, so hence...

National Park webcams
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I listened to the BBC Newshour as it turns out -- as yet there is no link for today's program online. I heard it on KUOW FM, where it plays daily.
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Note that most of the Yosemite cams seem to be still shots that refresh themselves in 60-second intervals as opposed to streaming video.

Don't care, still gorgeous.
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I live 2 hrs from the Ahwahnee, I should have gone up there more!

Well, the plan now is to get an AWD truck and convert it in to a decent WFH / OTG expedition vehicle, good enough to live and also work out of for a week or two...

Cybertruck + Starlink look to be the killer combo for that, nice to have something to look forward to during this difficult year...
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