Animation & Poetry for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day
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Eleven short animated films from Pacific Northwest filmmakers in a 25-minute program, available from Earth Day (today!) until 4/26.

Film techniques: claypainting, digital animation, stop-motion, oil-on-canvas, felt animation, Photoshop animation, After Effects and letterpress printed directly on 35mm film stock. This is the premiere screening of six of the films.

Introduction: Courtney Johnson, Executive Director of Crag Law Center

"The Second Coming"
Animator: Joan C. Gratz
Poet: William Butler Yeats
Medium: Claypainting
(Joan is an Academy Award winning animator)

"Choking Hazard"
Joanna Priestley
Digital Animation
(Joanna is an award winning indie animator)

"Recipe for Birds" - premiere
Deanna Morse
(Deanna is an animator and animation educator)

"Section 32, Song of Myself"
Animator: Leisa ReFalo
Poet: Walt Whitman
Motion Graphics
(Leisa is a computer programmer and Community Education student at PNCA)

"California Dreaming" - premiere
Animator: Susannah Beckett
Poet: Lachlan McKinnon
Photoshop animation
(Susannah is a Graphic Design student at PNCA)

"Remember" - premiere
Animator: Neil Cox
Poet: Joy Harjo
Motion Graphics
(Neil is a Graphic Design student at PNCA)

"Walt's Love Light"
Animator: Devon Damonte
Poet: Walt Whitman
Letterpress printing directly on 35mm film stock
(Devon teaches animation at Evergreen College)

"When the Full Grown Poet Came"
Animator: Teresa Drilling
Poet: Walt Whitman
Stop-motion animation
(Teresa is an Emmy Award winning animator)

"Tree-to-Tree" - premiere
Animator: Laura Lago
Poet: Animated oil painting
(Laura is an artist and currently studying animation at PNCA)

"A Letter to Someone Living Fifty Years from Now" - premiere
Animator: Riley Rohrbacher
Poet: Matthew Olzman
Motion graphics
(Riley is a Graphic Design student at PNCA)

"Passages" - premiere
Animator: Marilyn Zornado
Poet: Lynn Darroch
Motion graphics
(Marilyn teaches in the Graphic Design and Animation departments at PNCA)

Full disclosure: The organizer, MZ, is a friend.
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