We was put here to be much more than that
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Wale - Sue Me. SLYT.
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I liked this. Wonder how White Man's Burden compared.
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I watched last night, but had to digest the video. I’m unfamiliar with the artist (not unusual for me these days); I honestly can’t say how I felt about the music, but the video was riveting.

It showed something that I intellectually understood about the black experience in America, but as a white person, I hadn’t/couldn’t see for myself. I don’t think it was just a simple matter of swapping out races, I could see 100 ways this could have been done poorly. The filmmaker here really had an eye for just enough of those every day messages without beating them to death.

I googled the director Kerby Jean-Raymond, and I only found reference to him as a fashion designer. If this is his first foray into film, wow. I guess wow, regardless, but moreso if it’s a new medium.

I’d love to hear opinions from POC on the video more than anything.

And how is the last clip, the one from the prisoner NOT broadcast everywhere right now? I feel like while there has been some news about coronavirus spread in prisons and jails, it’s barely been a blip in the media. I’m shocked and glad they included it at the end.
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