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In 2011, the (UK) National Theatre presented a production of Frankenstein, in which Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternated the two lead roles. And filmed it. And are broadcasting both from April 30 through May 8, worldwide, on their youtube channel, as part of their National Theatre at Home program.
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*reminds self to remember this in a week*

I've heard great things about this production! Thanks for finding it for us.
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Seconding Ivan.
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THANK YOU. I would love to see this and will probably watch both versions.
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I saw the movie-theater-events-broadcast version of these productions (done both ways!) in the US, and was impressed with both productions. Absolutely worth watching twice and comparing/contrasting the performance choices.
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I love this production. I've also seen both versions and they are such a fascinating study in contrasts. Absolutely worth your time.
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Frankenstein starring Khan and Zero Cool? Sold!
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Will Johnny Lee Miller say "penguins"?
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FYI: They have some wonky javascript in the links on the National Theatre website that won't work with UBlock origin. Here is the direct link to their Youtube Channel:

They currently have Twelfth Night featuring Tamsin Greig [2:42] available for streaming.
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*kermit flail gif*

I have wanted to see this ever since I heard about it. So excited to have this opportunity.

Now if they'll only get Midsummer Night's Dream with Gwendoline Christie on the schedule.

OMG I missed Treasure Island with Arthur Darvill. Dang it!!!
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This is wonderful! I posted over on the latest check-in thread about how guilty I felt about feeling sad that I had to give up theatre tickets I'd bought myself for my birthday the first week of May.

Not feeling sad now! Suck it coronavirus.
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In more seriousness - I saw both versions in the movie theater here in Chicago, and I highly recommend the experience. The NT at Home recently showed their 2015(?) Jane Eyre, which was BRILLIANTLY innovative and just a terrific theater experience. I didn't catch Treasure Island while ignoring was available these past seven days -- it's on my weekend calendar to watch the currently airing Twelfth Night.
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And one last note: National Theatre "haemorraging money"

So if you're thankful for all the free theater, maybe toss some money their way.
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Oh, I heard great things about that production of Twelfth Night! So thank you for *all* of the upcoming entertainment!
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Brilliant! I've seen both versions of this production more than once, most memorably in a back-to-back screening at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre at Kings College. Been hoping these would pop up in the NT at Home schedule.

Fingers crossed for Coriolanus, Hansard, Hamlet, No Man's Land, and A Midsummer Night's Dream -- the only one I got to attend a live performance for, but would happily see again.
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OMG I missed Treasure Island with Arthur Darvill. Dang it!!

It was pretty good.
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> They currently have Twelfth Night featuring Tamsin Greig available for streaming.

Ooh, I really like her. Thank you.
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Their website mentions that with the National Theatre Collection, "UK state-funded teachers and pupils can access the Collection for free, and we have extended our free trial period for all others."
I'm not sure how that works, but my daughter teaches theater at Wisconsin and she called a day or two ago. They said she should apply through the University librarian, and now she has all 30 productions to watch.
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No no; you’re thinking of the Iron Man/Dr. Strange scenes in the Avengers movies.
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I saw this at the National Theatre, with Cummerbund as the monster. You will find yourself hoping sincerely, during the opening, that the wooden stage is utterly and completely free of splinters.

(Edit: apparently in the videoed version the monster is born wearing a nappy and not, as it was live, stark bollock naked and writhing around on the floor. I have seen enough of Benedictat Commingling's flopping cock to last me a lifetime, and that's not something I ever expected to say.)

It's a little lacking in the script, though the performances and the music (Underworld) are glorious. And nobody's mentioning that it was directed by Danny Boyle. IT WAS DIRECTED BY DANNY BOYLE.
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OMG you guys, Twelfth Night was CRAZY. The Malvolia cross garter scene about 1.5 hours in has to be seen to be believed.
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This looks fantastic. I have been trying to find an online version of Cumberbatch in Rhinoceros from 2007. So far can't find more than short clips, but it anyone has a lead...?
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Oooh! I saw it in a movie theater with Cumberbatch as the doctor and Miller as the monster and I cannot imagine it any other way. So I'm very psyched to see the other version!
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