"I'm The Dude, man."
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Oh wow. Looks like my day is planned! Thank you for posting this!
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This is very cool. At the same time, I hate to be a curmudgeon, especially in times like this, but there are 6 women on this list and 52 men and it's pretty depressing.

I haven't bothered counting white actors vs. anyone else but it doesn't look much better.
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I thought this was a double (of this) but it looks like one is GQ and the other is Vanity Fair so I guess not? Also I guess one is breaking down their movies and another their characters.
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That's a good observation. It makes you wonder where on the scale the thumb is being placed. Did GQ bias the results based on who they invited? Was there a layer of skew in who accepted, and if so what shaped the decisions of any who declined? Or is it "just" a reflection of the inequality that has long coursed through the veins of Hollywood?
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...you need look no further than the quote that makes up the thread title.
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Well, GQ originally stood for "Gentleman's Quarterly" and I've always considered it a "men's magazine" (not sure if GQ still presents itself as such, though) but it's still stupid that so few women are represented on this list.
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On the plus side, I finally get why everyone's in love with Oscar Isaac. What a cutie.
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I was a bit disappointed that the Forrest Whittaker one isn't 30 minutes about ghost dog... But the Last King of Scotland discussion was really fascinating, so I'll allow it.
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Reassuring to find that Caleb Landry Jones is as profoundly unsettling out of character as he is in.
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No Christopher Walken? You miss all of the shots you don't take.
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I too came here to point out the lack of women, but I see that's been taken care of so I'm off to watch some of these, probably starting with Willem Dafoe and Jeff Bridges.
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I count 9 POC actors on the list, which is a little fraught so assume that's plus-or-minus 2.Still quite a bit better than the male/female skew (which should be about 50-50). The US census puts the country at 76.5% white and while I realize not all of these actors are American certainly Hollywood and GQ are, so white folks are at least about 8% overrepresented. Honestly I expected that to be worse, but it still sucks.
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I don’t usually like media about entertainment, but these are quite good! Thanks.
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I love so many of these actors and their performances are worth recognition. But all of that being said, I'd love to see a woman, queer, poc-focused version of this.
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