and thus spake on that ancient man, the bright-eyed Mariner
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I can't wait to dig into this. I'd also love it if they put up a field recording of St. Michael's Parish Church as "read by the author".
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It may not be common knowledge to everyone, but Iron Maiden devoted like half an album to a heavy metal version of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner to round out your day of tales of seafaring woe.
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Rollerskating with an albatross around your neck is difficult: Iron Maiden + Chic = Iron Chic, “Rime of the Good Times
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Bernard Edwards broke out the B.C. Rich for that: approved!
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Yeah, I was playing a lot of Iron Maiden pinball a couple months ago, and Rime was one of the more tolerable songs on the machine. :) ('hallowed be thy name' was the other standout.)

I will now bow out to avoid turning this entirely into an Iron Maiden discussion.
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The same people also brought us the Moby Dick Big Read. One of the things I liked most about that was the way individual readers were connected with specific chapters, so that David Attenborough read the chapter about whether the number of whales was declining. I'm looking forward to finding out whether something similar is done here. (Moby Dick Big Read previously on Metafilter).
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In high school, we actually convinced the English teacher to let us play the Iron Maiden version for one of our classes. We had a surprising number of metal heads in our AP English class.

I'll definitely get around to listening to these sometime after listening to some Iron Maiden.
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Reading No.8 - Reader: Tilda Swinton, Artist: Duane Slick, you grey-beard loons.
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