MST3K, pandemic style
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Joel Hodgson has announced via the AV Club that they're doing a special live show of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on May 3 (Sunday) at 6 PM Eastern, over a variety of venues including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and others, riffing over the Season One episode Moon Zero Two.
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A small band of us crazies watch MST3K every week (twice a week lately) in what we call "MST Club." We're considering watching along with this in our video sharing room if it turns out to be possible.
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Joel, the man who somehow knew we'd all be stuck at home alone and SOL.

*hats off

Also for real can't wait for this. Thanks, Joel.
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comet tv for you antenni folks shows it, I love to clean house and do bong....painting gongs, yeah. cool. I love the Reeves cycle of movies.
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I'm there, I am so there! Hi-keeba!
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And I'm banging on it with a wrench.
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We in MST Club saw Moon Zero Two just a couple of weeks ago. It's one of the better episodes of the first season, which is to say, it's not as slow as the first episodes of the season were. It's a really weird movie, that billed itself as a "space western," complete with a claim jumping plot, that contains an evil tycoon named "Hundred Percent Hubbard," has lunar go-go dancers, that has blaring horns on the soundtrack, and has one scene where characters play a board game called Moonopoly. Animated titles too, that try to trick you into thinking it'll be a comedy, but it's mostly played serious. It's very 60s Warner Bros/Seven Arts.
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Joel 4 Life
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Joel was always the better dude.
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Cool it will be on Pluto tv! I'll be there.
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If they are supplementing the existing riffing with a new, fresh layer of riff instead of replacing it, shouldn't that be riffing on top of as opposed to 'over'?
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And I'm banging on it with a wrench.

But do you sing whenever you sing whenever you sing?
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The not too distant future has finally arrived.
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