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The New Bedford Whaling Museum takes its popular annual 25-hour Moby-Dick reading marathon online, with chapters read during a YouTube "Story Hour" each night since April 17. Volunteers from across the US signed up to read a chapter from home (NYT).

It's one of many many programs museums are taking online during COVID shutdown. Use the hashtag #museumsfromhome on social channels to find tons more nifty content.
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Weird. I was reading up on New Bedford today after hearing some tunes by Paul Clayton, a folk performer and contemporary of Dylan's who came from there. He did an album called Whaling and Sailing Songs (from the Days of Moby Dick).

I'm looking forward to checking this out. I read Moby Dick for the first time not long ago and was amazed by how experimental and playful it is.
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Moby Dick fans may also enjoy Talia Lavin's Moby Dick Energy podcast.
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I read Moby Dick when I was in my mid-20s. Admittedly, I am no "Great Intellect" I got lost in a few places. But overall, it's pretty entertaining. Even the chapters about whales and whaling facts. You can kind of hunt and peck about what to read, but the whole thing was a good read. I can see why it's so revered... it has a kind of modernity to it... of course it's not "modern" anymore, but I mean modern for that time. YES- playful is a good description!
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Oh a man must be mad, or want money bad
To adventure hunting whales
For he may be drowned when the fish he turns around
Or his head be smashed by his tail
Oh the work seemed grand to the young green hand
And his head be high when he goes
In a very short burst you’ll sooner hear a curse
Than the sound of “There she blows!”

- Woods Tea Company, “Three Pounds Ten
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Neat! I came late to Moby Dick, scared off by reports of it being boring, one of those dead classics. I picked it up for the first time a couple of years ago, and since then have read it three more times.
I love it!

I also listened to it as well. The audiobook by Frank Muller is tremendous. I had a nightly story hour of my own - listening to Muller just before bedtime. Can't recommend it enough.
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This is your your regular reminder that New Bedford is one of the poorest cities in New England, while also being the largest and most profitable fishing port in the world.
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Slap*Happy is correct. We visited the area in 2018 and the juxtaposition between NB and Fall River is stunning.

But there are lots of reasons to visit NB. We really enjoyed the New Bedford Art Museum as well as meals at Cork, Wine & Tapas, dNB Burger and The Baker. All within walking distance of the Whaling Museum.
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Sunday on the harbor, and the tourists are in town
In the import shop on Sycamore they lay their money down
And they wander down to front street to buy a pint of stout
And watch the broken people all vaguely strewn about

And each one has a story, and each a private Hell
And the livin’ it ain’t easy, but the view it sure is swell
And the summer people linger till Fall is in the air
And the locals look for comfort, and something warm to wear

- Wood’s Tea Company, Bedford Harbor
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