Computer games set in London
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In 2016 the Museum of London held an exhibition about computer games set in London. Here is an interview with the curator, Foteini Aravani, and a post by her about London in video games. There were reviews of the exhibition from St John Street News and Londonist. Dave Curran, who was involved in restoring the hardware for the exhibition, also wrote about it.
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I have to admit that I couldn't think of a computer game set in London. Elsewhere in Britain, yes. Then there's Fallen London.
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GTA London 1969. It's in the name. I thought the Thief series was in London, but then I was reminded that it is set in an unnamed Victorian city simply called "the city."

Also, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, which I never played, but I recalled simply because Assassin's Creed is always going to some well known place in the past.
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Wonder if they included the inexplicable Paul McCartney movie tie-in?
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There's always the 1994 edutainment title Eagle Eye Mysteries in London. It taught me many valuable facts about beefeaters and Devon back in the day.
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Also, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, which I never played, but I recalled simply because Assassin's Creed is always going to some well known place in the past.

I'm about 2/3 of the way through it, and loving it so far. The first Assassin's Creed with a grappling hook; it feels like destiny fulfilled. It also does the usual Forrest Gump thing that Assassin's Creed does - you meet Charles Dickens almost the instant you get out of your carriage upon arriving in the city. I've been playing as Evie Frye, mostly, and helping Mr. Dickens investigate numerous ghost stories around town. Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, and a young Arthur Conan Doyle are also among her close personal friends and associates. She and Jacob make their headquarters aboard a constantly moving train. Street urchins deliver them stolen goods, and gang members await their command in every borough.

As usual though, it's the quiet and unexpected moments with the NPC crowds that really make this game for me. I recently became interested in the lineage of the 19th century American song, The Girl I Left Behind Me, and how it could be traced back to an even older English song usually called Brighton Camp. A few searches on Youtube and Spotify turned up instrumental versions of the original song, but I was having a hell of a time finding one with lyrics. I did not hear the words of Brighton Camp until the day Evie Frye made good an escape into St. James Park, then walked south and came across a band playing the old familiar tune. She stopped and drew close enough to the gathered crowd to trigger the social camouflage mechanic, and to my delight, this rendition of Brighton Camp included vocals! I finally got to hear the words!

Evie could have stayed for another few songs, but soon after the final verse we spied a rival gang's column of carriages, the lead one heavy with gold. Duty called. But I look forward to many more lovely London afternoons with the Fryes and all their famous friends.
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The Getaway is the game that springs to mind for me, but London is massively under-represented as a setting for games if you ask me. With all that history it should provide no end of inspiration.
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The rebooted Tomb Raider games have various flashbacks in London. And so does the most recent Uncharted 4.
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Now I find myself wanting to compile a list of games set in Actual Cities and see which cities have entirely too many games set in them and which have nowhere near enough. Nowhere near enough to actually start doing this, it's Sunday afternoon after all.
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City of London, A.D. 2020, Population 14,990,000

Currently building: (Capitalization)

City Improvements:
Palace - Barracks - Granary - Temple - MarketPlace - Library - Courthouse - Bank - Cathedral - University - Mass Transit - Colosseum - Factory - Manufacturing Plant - Recycling Center - Power Plant - Stock Exchange - Sewer System - Supermarket - Superhighways - Research Lab - SAM Missile Battery - Airport - Police Station

Shakespeare's Theatre
Adam Smith's Trading Co.
Darwin's Voyage

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My favorite London game has to be the Swedish QuickTime VR title Traitor’s Gate. The player has to break into the Tower of London.
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