Never gonna flarb frum glotch, ruckle stom lusk sunt rulk
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In the last year on the blue we have seen neural nets name kittens, auth some lyric poetry, send us troubling holiday greetings, and produce some dubious recipes. Can one generate more of Rick Astley?
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Never gonna make you freddled
Never gonna say gruntbuggly
Never gonna rend thee in the gobberwarts
And hooptiously drangle you
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Aya uh oh huh

And I get "Satan's my name" here.
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Around 3:38, I feel like it's:

You're the energy rain
Never look at them

posted by mandolin conspiracy at 11:45 PM on May 6, 2020

This sounds like a stroke feels.

I love it.
posted by Homo neanderthalensis at 12:06 AM on May 7, 2020

They were so busy asking if they could...
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Huh. I glanced at the SCP Wiki, but I couldn't find the entry for it.
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If it can't even sing how could it possibly drive a car?
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Lyrics aside, there's some improvement. The funkometer seems to have been cranked up by 24%.

To be clear, it passes the Turing test for songs played through a neighbor's wall at 2am.
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Reminds me of Prisencolinensinainciusol
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Sadly the original BBC Vogon Poetry generator no longer is in operation. Maybe someone can get this open source version of it working.
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Yeah, the OpenAI songs without lyric conditioning are really interesting in how they're almost language, but not. The NN is picking up on the phonemes and different singing vocalizations it's been trained with, but it doesn't have much, if any, notion of words or phrases or deeper structure in the vocals.

There's a movie soundtrack containing dialogue and exegetic music it produced that I posted in the other thread, and it's fascinating in that it has linguistic cadence and emotional affect but isn't languageā€”it's like you're not quite hearing well enough to make it out. Through a wall or just if someone wasn't paying attention, it's pretty convincing.
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