"Hustle To Meowtivate"
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Snowskating is like snowboarding, except it incorporates skateboard tricks done in the snow. That sounds difficult enough, but even a cat can do it. (h/t Miss Cellania)
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This rules
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That is one cool cat.
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Cat don’t give af.
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you know that cat is awesome and knows it at 0:34
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When your boy need more than a scratching post
Cause he be shredding

While other cats eat Meow Mix, he's doing Meow Kicks

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Feeling meowtivated!

To pet my boys. Maybe drink a hot cocoa.
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Sending the link to my grand kitty who is mainly meowtivated by the automatic kibble dispenser.
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The videographer's story of recovery from a vehicle accident is incredibly inspiring and brought tears to my eyes (cw: a very brief and distant shot of a daredevil jump that doesn't end well),
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Taddys shredding.

Yeah, that guy is incredible too.
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maximum respect
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