One Part Vinegar, One Part Chic, Two Parts Duran - One The Power Station
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1985 was a ridiculously strong year for music releases. One minor anniversary we missed was March 25, 1985 which saw the release of The Power Station. A supergroup with Robert Palmer, Chic drummer Tony Thompson, and Andy Taylor and John Taylor from Duran Duran, the conceived one-off project yielded several hit singles (one now considered a classic), some strong covers, and helped leapfrog Palmer's solo career into high gear. Side A: Some Like It Hot [video], Muderess, Lonely Tonight, Communication [video via DailyMotion]

Side B: Get It On (Bang A Gong) [video], Go To Zero, Harvest For The World, Still In Your Heart

Bonus b-sides:
Some Like It Hot And The Heat Is On
Communication (Special Club Mix)
We Fight For Love (AKA Someday, Somehow, Somebody's Got To Pay) [with Michael Des Barres on vocals]

Second Bonus:
The Power Station Video E.P. Part 1, Part 2. [15m total]
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Honestly I guess I always just thought Some Like it Hot was just a Robert Palmer song.
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Another one that was everywhere during my college years!
Also: I love Robert Palmer with every inch of my being. He is definitely missed.
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The Power Station was one of my all-time fave cassettes, and I even got the "Get It On" EP record in late '85. Always regretted that it was just a "one off" project. Equally astounding was the other 3/5ths of Duran Duran forming Arcadia, with "Election Day."
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I saw them on their tour that summer. Front row right in front of John Taylor, but sweaty Michael des Barres kept shaking his hair our way- ugh! At least that's the way I felt at 17! I think this album is where Andy Taylor shines. John does, too, but the rhythm section is the bomb!
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“Communication” is such an underrated song.
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Bernard Edwards produced the album so you really had two parts Chic in the mix.

I really wish Duran Duran had found a way to just do a joint project with Thompson, Edwards, and Nile Rodgers but we got close with The Power Station and Notorious. Always sooo close.
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I had tickets to see them that summer and then I caught mono and couldn't go. Still disappointed about that.
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Excellent mix on the LP - it does thump and smack with the dynamics, that I can say.

Didn't know Palmer had passed on. :/
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Palmer's Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley is a little-known but super good album.
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Had forgotten how much I loved this.
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Had forgotten how much I loved this.

Me, too. I own The Power Station but hadn't listened to it for WEEKS until today.
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I have a contrary opinion and I'll just leave it at that. In the interests of fairness I will, however, take time this weekend to listen to the songs I don't already know!
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I still kind of like their cover of Bang A Gong better than the original.
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I always wondered what happened behind the scenes to make Robert Palmer go "Nope, I'm out" just before the tour.
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Drummer Tony Thompson (originally of Chic) was amazing as part of Power Station. It was new to have such big sound in a musical landscape dominated by hair metal and drum synths.
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Palmer's Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley is a little-known but super good album.

Love that LP. Still know all the lyrics to the SaIlin’ Shoes (miss Lowell George too) > Hey Julia > SSTTA

Hmm, looks like the soundtrack to my chore filled Sunday is sorted.
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I was hardcore into Duran Duran when this came out, and loved Power Station and Arcadia as well. I don't think The Power Station has held up as well as So Red the Rose, but I still give it a spin several times a year. This is an excellent trip down memory lane, thanks so much for the post.
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