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It's hard to describe Brian Wright and The Sneakups' new album, Lapse Of Luxury. Maybe "Dylan and The Beatles did LSD in Nashville and hired a studio" hits the mark. The lead off track Patrick's Crossing only starts to hint at the rest of the album. Here's a live performance of the track Tractor Beam. Unfortunately not much of this truly inventive album is available on YouTube, but it's available on streaming services. Here's a Spotify link. One of the most interesting albums I've heard in a long time.
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436 monthly listens on Spotify. Thanks for this hippybear. I enjoy getting in near the ground floor.

Bonus: Little Richard reference buried within.
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I'm halfway in and it is worth the listen up to now. Thanks, hippybear!
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From the artist bio on his label's website: Drawing comparisons throughout his career to some of the greatest songwriters, Wright says, “I like Townes Van Zandt but I also really dig Brian Eno, Outkast, Velvet Underground and Slayer. I like really beautiful things, and I like really ugly things that draw out human emotions that make you feel something visceral - Fear, Joy, Sadness… you know you wanna have a fist fight and a dance party at the same time.”

I'm def. gonna have to check this out. Thanks, hippybear.
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So did anyone actually buy the album?
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I bought it, the CD will arrive when it can (thanks COVID).
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Here's the YouTube playlist, with official audio tracks. Good stuff, thanks for sharing this!

(For all of YouTube's optimization and algorithms, it does a crap job of promoting official music-only clips, and often even worse for album playlists.)
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My copy of the CD has finally shipped, and I'm listening to the album again now and it's still great. I don't know exactly how to share this with people because it's sort of sideways music, but I really love it and I wish more would listen to it because it's great.
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(I haven't received the CD yet, that will be another listening experience entirely different from my computer.)
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