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Mom Hid My Game! [Game Trailer] “Mom Hid My Game for Switch was known as Hidden My Game By Mom on phones. It’s pretty simple. Your mom hid your Nintendo DS, and you need to solve some puzzles in order to find it. By tapping on the screen to move things around or to pick up and use items, you can find where your mom has hidden your game. If your mom sees you looking for it, it’s game over.” [via: Kotaku][Available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch, but free to play on Apple iOS & Google Play Store.]

[A few more of Hap Inc. games: Toast Girl, My brother ate my pudding, Vice captain. Available via: Apple iOS and Google Play Store]

• An interview with the hap Inc. developer [The Verge]
“Ishimoto is self-taught and actually doesn’t play many games. “When I was a student, there was a time when my goal was to write comedy manga,” he said. It’s clear that a lot of his inspiration comes from anime and manga. (He cites mangatarou as one of his favorites.) Each level is like a comic strip in a way; there are recurring characters like grandpa and sister who have been recruited by mom to make sure the DS stays out of the boy’s hands. There are also plenty of punchlines. “Ideas for the game came from there, so I want to continue with my manga on Twitter.” The comics can be seen on his main Japanese Twitter account, but he occasionally posts translated versions on his English account. Hap Inc., which is short for “happy,” makes use of the recurring family members throughout a lot of its games, including one from sister’s point of view called My Brother Ate My Pudding! “The characters create unity in the world of the series. They are modeled after my own childhood,” Ishimoto says. “I’m thinking of a project that makes good use of characters.” When asked about his ultimate goal, Ishimoto replied, “It is to maintain my present state for a long time. I would be happy if you could cheer me on.””
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These games are fantastic and really funny. They’re tricky and clever but it’s so obvious in hindsight that each level is like a comic strip joke. Very popular games in my home, for me and my wife and our 3 kids.
posted by sleeping bear at 10:17 AM on May 10

I played it on iOS and enjoyed it. They'll definitely have to change some of the puzzles to make sense on the switch - they goof around with the format some.
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I had to hide my kid’s game because he wouldn’t stop playing this.
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yeah I showed this to my Switch-loving 8-year-old and he said "it's just life."

then I asked what if I got you this game? and then you played it too much and I had to hide the Switch? and I laughed and laughed and he gave me a look of withering contempt
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