How Chris Hayes Makes Sense of the “World-Historical Cataclysm”
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How Chris Hayes Makes Sense of the “World-Historical Cataclysm”The New Yorker's Isaac Chotiner interviews MSNBC's Chris Hayes on a wide range of topics, including the impact of COVID-19 on the informational value of cable news and the difficulties of bringing leftists and liberals together after a divisive Democratic primary.
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... I’ve been in periods where there’s very low exogenous audience interest, and very high exogenous audience interest.

Almost seems indubitably like a prototypical MiFi poster.

(actually one of the best on the media!)
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Good to see someone come out of an interview with Chotiner looking better than when he went in. This is a good interview touching on a bunch of important subjects.

I've always liked the cut of Hayes' jib.
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Hayes' podcast Why Is This Happening? is one of the most substantive ones I listen to. He's a good interviewer, clearly a deeply curious person, and the material covers a wide range of topics and information. It's not always optimistic, but it's pretty thoughtful and that in itself is kind of cheering.
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