There is something inherently valuable about being a misfit.
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Wolgang Grasse was a temporal misfit.
His metaphysical and magical realistic , often apocalyptical and disturbing, work can be traced back to Bosch, Bruegel and Max Beckman
A gallery with provenence. (This is an Art post so some pictures are NSFW)
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work can be traced back to Bosch, Bruegel and Max Beckman

There are some Durer quotes there too.
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That's some amazing vision. I definitely see the Bosch, but also the 20th-century antiwar art tradition.
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Hardly surprising as he survived the Dresden bombings.
After the war the East Germans condemed him to 25 years for an anti-Soviet cartoon of Stalin hanging from the gallows.
He was released in an amnesty after serving 8 years.
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I liked these, had some small reservations about how limply derivative some were, and about the strangely over-saturated palette here and there... and then I found the ‘Fu Manchu’ stuff at the ‘metaphysical’ link... Ouch. Like unexpectedly biting into the fat maggot inside a strawberry.
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