2. clap👏 & drop🖐️ 3. top👋 & 4. snap👌
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Step-by-step tutorial on the Hands Challenge for the viral clapping rhythm that got popular on Tik Tok a few years back. Are you rhythmically untalented? Did you never figure out the cup song from 2013's Pitch Perfect? Now's your time to shine!
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That's a really nice breakdown, thanks for posting it! These kind of games are so fun in person and it's pleasing for that to be a thing on TikTok too.
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Wow, this is very cool stuff that I completely missed due to my disconnection from pop culture in general! The first thing it made me think of, actually, was Clapping Music, which is WAY harder than it seems at first glance.

The kids are all right.
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And these girls managed to do it WITH the cup song, which is insane.
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Slightly related: Abby the Spoon Lady.
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