Eephus Ain't Nothing
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While we wait for the first pitch of the 2020 season, take a couple of minutes to learn more about the mysterious, rare, junky eephus pitch. posted by chavenet (15 comments total) 15 users marked this as a favorite
This is great! The looks on some the batters' faces as they watch the pitch go by are priceless.
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I didn't see it in any of the links, but I remember a Dodgers World Series or playoff game where the score was about 12-0 Dodgers and one of the Dodger pitchers threw one of these pitches. Maybe in the Ron Cey era.I thought I remembered it almost starting a brawl. Sounds like something the Dodgers would do.

Go Giants.

But honestly, I'd settle for a Dodger game right now.
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Heh, the clip linked at "selection of" made me laugh out loud. I'm not a baseball guy. But I've never, ever seen a pitch like that in a pro game in my life. There should be more tricky stuff like this in the game, might even make it worth watching!
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MLB owners OK plan that could lead to July start
a plan that envisioned expanding the designated hitter to the National League for 2020.

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I've remembered the hilarious first pitch of that "selection of" clip since I was a kid, but for some reason thought it was Ron Guidry--thank you so much for bringing that to the fore of my moldy brain!!
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Eephus League makes my favourite design tragic scoring books. I'm nearly done with the original kickstarter ones, and looking forward to ordering The Halfliner.
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I don't think those last two links of Yu Darvish pitches are eephuses. They just look like slow, looping curves.
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Why financial battle over 2020 MLB season is about to get really, really uglyESPN; Jeff Passan; 05/12/2020
What is in the return-to-play proposal?

In broad terms:

• A 50-50 split of revenue from the 2020 season

• An 82-game schedule instead of the standard 162

• A mid-June "spring training" and early-July Opening Day

• A 14-team postseason rather than the typical 10

• Games played in home stadiums where allowed

• Designated hitters in the American and National League

• Games against only divisional and regional opponents -- i.e., AL West teams, for example, play AL West and NL West teams

• Expanded rosters from 26 to as many as 30 active players with a 20-man taxi squad of minor league players and prospects

• No fans in stadiums to begin the season
And many more bullet points to agree or disagree on. Revenue sharing alone seems very complex.
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Maybe baseball restarting could be it's own FPP? Not really related to the eephus pitch.
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Chrysostom: "Maybe baseball restarting could be it's own FPP? Not really related to the eephus pitch."

Oh, I don't know. Throwing the "designated-hitter-in-the-NL" in there is kind of an eephus in its own way; purposely designed to baffle, irk and irritate. And there's always the risk someone will whack it out of the park this time.
posted by chavenet at 1:13 PM on May 12

Was musing about doing a sports industry/coronavirus FPP
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Extremely on-brand reactions to an eephus: Beltre dropping to a knee, ARod's baseball computer brain perfectly assessing the pitch and sending a dinger 15 rows deep.
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I don't think those last two links of Yu Darvish pitches are eephuses. They just look like slow, looping curves.

There is certainly a range with that first pitch in the "selection of" link almost reaching LEO and some of Darvish's pitches which just seem to be extremely slow fast ball type pitches.
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There's a previously about Darvish, featuring a link to an story about how he's a massive outlier for the number of different styles of pitches he can and will use in a season. Even as a very mild Japanese Baseball fan (woo, go Chiba Lotte Marines!) and not all that into the sport, it's a pretty great read and goes into just how special of a player Darvish is.
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We need a ripsewell tag on this.
posted by Chrysostom at 3:55 PM on May 19

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