July 26, 2002
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It can be stately and elegant, beautiful and swirling or square and modern. It makes a surprising variety of intricate pictures. Why is the written word honored so highly in Islamic art? Find out by diving into the gorgeous world of Arab Calligraphy. Here's a friendly portal to help. Take time to linger over a language that took a different path. (Bonus for font freaks inside)
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(Can we ban Pantload and ParisPariah from this thread preemptively?)
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Bonus for Font freaks:
Ayesha's amazing animated Arabic alphabet (Flash req'd).
Four pages of old school Islamic calligraphy
More contemporary approach from the director of London's Research Centre for Arab Art and Design, Ahmed Moustafa
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an awesome array of links to behold, mediareport. good work. :)
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This is very cool. Thanks.
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mediareport, you have singlehandely thrown me back to a time when I was 7 years old and I was transfixed by a turkish student friend of my parent's, writing my name for me in arabic script. Throughout the time he stayed with us, he taught me much of the alphabet too. I just worked my way through Ayesha's animated alphabet and was surprised at just how many of the glyphs and sounds I remembered. Cheers mediareport, I'll be smiling alot today! :-)
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Wow. Great links. Thanks.
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i ? mediareport
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Wow, very cool. Very beautiful, too. Thank you!
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Too groovy. I've been working on learning formal Arabic, and the writing has always been the hardest part...this is stunning! Great links, you rock. :)
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Thank the idiocy of that lawsuit against UNC, which inspired me to go digging. I've liked looking at Arabic (not Arab, as I wrote above) calligraphy for years but never knew much about it.

I love this one. And the origin and development links are really fascinating.
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