Shelter In Place is a miniature gallery, measuring 20 by 30 inches
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Shelter In Place is a miniature gallery, measuring 20 by 30 inches and exhibiting scaled-down works in a model structure created using foam core, mat board, balsa wood, and plexiglass. Artists can submit works at a 1:12 or one inch to the foot scale, allowing them to create and show even ambitious, seemingly large-scale pieces. Valentina Di Liscia reports for Hyperallergic.
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Beyond fantastic.
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Very clever!
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What jacquilynne said.
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True genius lateral thinking.
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Wow the lone mac laptop open on the table in the corner is truly every contemporary gallery.
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I saw a very cool "locker gallery show" at VCU arts when I was studying illustration. Everyone submitted these tiny works and set up lockers to look like museum rooms. What a cool concept. I love that someone (the gallery owner or artist, idk) made those little crates look exactly like the real thing.

I do miniatures as a hobby so this makes me quite happy. Thanks for the link!

Edit: omg deadbilly, I didn't even notice that. Awesome
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The gallery alone is a work of art. Everything else is (super) icing on the cake. "The Empty Gallery" photo is awesome.
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omg, the perfect little crate!❤️
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I really feel like I'm looking at photos of life-size installations! Knowing that they're not really human-sized takes a slight bit of the sting out of not being to see art like this in person anymore.
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Reminds me of those little artworks you could buy from repurposed cigarette vending machines in Winston-Salem, NC.
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Terrific. BTW, like so many Covid19 era innovations, this has been prefigured--Michael Veliquette has been running Lovely Town for years. But I guess there's plenty of room for awesome tiny galleries!
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