Is this why the Chieftain got Stillbrew?
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Armour? Mobility? Firepower? No, the most important thing in a tank is how easy it is to make tea, as the good people at The Tank Museum's Youtube channel explain.
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“When in Doubt, Brew Up”
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This was great. Thanks for posting.
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“When in Doubt, Brew Up”
While a knocked-out vehicle may be later determined to be irreparable and written off, a K-kill is more obvious and usually involves the destruction of the vehicle by fire and/or explosion. Among tank crewmen it is also commonly known as a brew up, coined from the British World War II term for lighting a fire in order to brew tea. The expression arose because British troops used an old petrol tin with holes punched in the side as a makeshift stove on which to brew their tea. The flames licking out of the holes in the side of the tin resembled a burning tank and thus the expression was coined.
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eww, not that, zamboni. I was meaning the unofficial motto of the Eighth Army and their famous Benghazi burners.
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Didn't doubt that for a second. I was (perhaps too grimly) pointing out the other meaning of the phrase as it relates to tanks.
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