Virtual coffee stains, in LaTeX and stock photos
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This package provides an essential feature to LaTeX that has been missing for too long. It adds a coffee stain to your documents. A lot of time can be saved by printing stains directly on the page rather than adding it manually. LaTeX Coffee Stains is over a decade old, but perhaps of increased use as more people learn to work from home. Probably easier than making your own, but if you'd like variety, here are some free stock images (and some that aren't free).
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LaTeX Coffee Stains come to ya via Mltshp.

Want to find out what character you want in LaTeX? Try detexify (previously) and roughly of the same (2009!) vintage, but still very much working.
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LaTeX Coffee Stains, incidentally, the name of my new band.
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Saw the headline and instinctively pushed reply.


Then I realized that certain things are both timeless AND of the moment.
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Hanno Rein and I were gradstudents together when he made this, so it's wonderful to see his work pop up yet again! He also created the wonderful exoplanet app.
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This seems ripe for a thread on the grey: show us you best coffee stain (tea allowed)
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\setcommentuser{GCU Sweet and Full of Grace}
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thanks for the via, flt!

If Hanno's still at UTSC, he's likely a near(ish) neighbour of mine. To give the link its props, I found it on Nick Higham's blog. Nick's a numerical analysis professor with an endlessly informative and entertaining blog. Everything from “What Is” primers in numerical concepts (such as What Is Floating-Point Arithmetic?: you will learn something from this, even if it's just that floating point has holes), Commodore 64 one-liners, extreme stationery geekery and how I first found out about him, typewriter art.
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This is so funny. Perhaps this is what my students need for their quizzes.
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Some scientists got intrigued by coffee stains and how they always have an accented outline. It turns out that coffee does not flow or dry up like a normal liquid because of the nano particles of ground coffee, and the research led to improved ways of coating lenses and cleaning solar panels.
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IMO, this is a lovely example of MetaFilter: people sharing additional details, including adjacent science :)
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Usually just my hbox overfloweth, but I suppose sometimes my coffee cup does too.
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Thanks for the legacy stains. They are sorely needed for my documents since I stopped drinking so much coffee. Water stains are just not getting the job done.
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(tea allowed)

The hell it is.
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