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Another perspective on the Napster debate - this time, from independent label Tommy Boy
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"culture of infringement"? that's a bit harsh. And I'd like to know where he got his statistic about <10% of consumers think price figures into their decision to buy music. I mean, there's a difference between "do you comparison shop for new cd's?" No, I don't. I go to the independant retailer down the street and buy it. "Do you buy cd's whenever you want to?" No, they're too flippin' expensive, so I'm sittin' here listening to The Pet Shop Boys's Disc 2 for the bazillionth time.
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Why does it sound like he's being shortsighted on this?

He's refusing to acknowledge that this whole file-sharing stuff is the future, and you either figure out a way to go with it, have it work to your advantage (How? Hell do I know), or the technology will bowl you right over. Like always, some people will go broke. Some will get rich. Sounds like he's made his choice.

From what he's saying, I wouldn't expect Tommy Boy to be around in five years. Sic transit gloria freakin' mundi.

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Gloria Mundi... Isn't she the one-eyed alien who sings "I Will Survive"?
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Tommy Boy Records???? Give me a break! Maybe that label meant something *before* he screwed a load of hip hop and dance groups in the late 80's...

What's the matter, they couldn't dig up any record moguls from Decca Records?
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umm, sorry, but the phrase "another perspective" is rather misleading - that is the same old RIAA perspective, ie the "my obscene profits are threatened, I'm having a seizure" perspective. Evolve or die, dinos...
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I love how he claims he's being hurt by piracy on Napster, then says "The only music being downloaded from Napster is bands that big labels have spent millions marketing"... which is it, Tommy Boy?
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